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Looking to supercharge your personal portfolio?

Mini VizID, Website & Social.


BB Role

AD partnered with BB to develop its digital visual identity and creative strategy.

From visual identity development to website design and social media we took care essential visual elements to make sure AD will stand out of the crowd.

A website is a permanent solo exhibition.

Insight & Idea

The goal of the project was to create a permanent digital exhibition available to anyone.

We combined the bold geometrical elements and vivid imagery of AD's artwork with big magenta surfaces and parallax animations. 


increase of visitor numbers compared to a personal blog.


international exhibition deals within a year after launch.

Driving engangement with content that speaks to audience.

Execution & Impact

This unique match of technology and art created a truly immersive digital gallery experience and one of a kind example in the OpArt category.



of AD's Instagram audience engaged with every post.


IG follower base built in four months after the launch of the platform.

Work with
Brand Buildery

The process of planning & building websites is often complex and lacks transparency. Brand Buildery process is simple and transparent. Our fee is fixed without any hidden costs or time traps.

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