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Supercharging your small business with brick & mortar locations

Mini VizID, store design and website


BB Role

Led by Brand Buildery the Gerwin Brand's bakery was positioned to be digitally native with a distinguished offline presence.

Our work consisted of complete visual identity, website development, retail applications and merch.

Insight & Idea

We live in the age of consumer consciousness. Healthy living and eating is at the center of everyday choices. 

Gerwin Brand Sourdough Bakery champions a masculine visual identity inspired by its Dutch heritage, baker's craftsmanship accompanied with a witty modern twist.

We make design accessible for small and midsize businesses.

Real and authentic stories resonate with people. 

Execution & Impact


The authentic visual identity, storytelling, and website created an opportunity to build a closer relationship with bakery clientele and set a stage for launch of the business in the Netherlands.

Work with 
Brand Buildery

We specialise in creating modern websites that are simple, user-friendly and tailored to your business needs.

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