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Complete design for a healthy food bar

VizID, retail design, website design


BB Role

Le Jardin Team partnered with BB to develop a well rounded visual identity and communication strategy.

Our work has spanned from logo to complete in-store communication material development, digital and social media.

starts with understanding your customers.

Insight & Idea

Le Jardin's mission is to become a personal-health focused hub in the heart of Verbier, insipiring people to make conscious meal choices every day.

We conducted a qualitative research program interviewing the many faces of the ski resort understanding what brings them joy alongside understanding the upcoming wellness trends.


Le Jardin identity and brand culture foster loyalty putting the community and unique experience of a ski resort at its center. 

Execution & Impact

Le Jardin champions a strong and distinguished identity through clear and courageous brand positioning, customer experience and social strategy.


Creating a brand with local relevance is a key to success. 


digital identity. Social + Website.


social media channel strategies developed.

Work with 
Brand Buildery

We take care of your online presence. From brand, design, development to maintenance, for you to focus on what truly matters your business.

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