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VizID, website and merch.

Meavista Website Desktop.jpg

BB Role

As the strategic partner for Meavista, BB has helped the brand to evolve its business from a small local studio to a national brand.

Our work has spanned branding re-design, website development, SEM and social media development supporting the company as it expands its presence into wider markets, new distribution channels, and product lines within the interior textile industry.

Driving loyalty with curation


new strategic partnerships because of new identity design.

Insight & Idea

Meavista is the first interior design company in Slovenia to be consistent across all channels, with seamless identity, design, and technology integration.


In addition to creating the digitally native brand identity, BB developed Meavista’s digital marketing campaign, social media, and content partnerships.


growth achieved through organic SEO for a textile interior design company. 

Unified branding that enables efficiency and talks to the audience.


Execution & Impact

The new 'inspiration' based communication design built a closer and deeper relationship with the audience and lead to shorter conversion times from prospect to customer.


increase of conversions from prospect to customer.


increase of sales within 5 months after launch.

Work with 
Brand Buildery

We deliver a cohesive brand image that will perform and exceed business goals.

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