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How to make your brand stand out

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

The brand competition is fierce. The 2800 biggest trading companies listed on the NY stock exchange are just the cherry on the cream. Look at your close competition, depending on the saturation of the market an average a business has 4 to 6 close competitors. You are competing in same space, for same customers. To get a fair share of the pie, or even increase the pie you need to be special, your brand needs to stand out.


Own your brand - it's your image and your voice. Tell a story. Find an insight that is true to your customers and create a resonating brand story. Develop a story that is unique, a story they don't get bored of, a story that wasn't told before to differentiate your brand from competition.

Brand Buildery, thanks to Pretzel Innovation Agency, photo: Paul Carmona
How to make your brand stand out?


A brand is like a person. Develop a brand persona. Your brand is a character; friend, teacher, leader ... It holds a responsibility, it shapes the environment. The brand persona is the voice of your brand, it needs to be sincere, honest and approachable. Imagine using always the same copy & paste pre-made responses. Most managers would say that's efficient, but does this approach supports your customer relations? Do they feel appreciated?

Genuine Relationships

The biggest brands like Coca-Cola, Heineken, Starbucks know the secret sauce recipe. It is the art of understanding your target audience. Every brand campaign, product extension is built on insights, and insights are built on conversations with customers. For example; Dove celebrates beauty and empowers woman to be true to themselves by re-defining beauty standards. These empowering messages build sympathy and a bond between the brand and customers. That leads to increased interactions, traffic and loyalty.


Lead and shape the conversation. Don't be afraid to risk; set new standards in advertising. Use new innovative channels, build on bold insights. Surprise your customers, don't bore them. Surprise creates tension and excitement. Not all of the customers will like your message, however you will become more connected with your core target group.


Create standards. Make a plan. Rather have one good message than few bad ones. Define leaders responsible for the image - it can be somebody from the marketing team or your lead agency.


Be everywhere. If no one sees your message, no one will respond to it. Select different media channels, define your priorities. Is your product local or global? What is the most efficient way to get the most traction possible.

Wort it

Back to the core: To the product. Make sure your product value is reflecting the need of your customers. What are your product benefits? How does your product differentiate from competition? Does the physical attributes of your product reflect your business ambition?

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