Pretzel is an innovation agency.

Envision the future.

_BB Role

As the strategic partner, BB helped Pretzel Innovation Agency develop its global brand identity to set the stage for its Fortune 500 clientele.


Our work has spanned 36o° digital, branding and offline client relation material development, supporting the company as it builds its B2B relations. 

Always set the bar high.


New client acquisitions in a month after the re-design was published.


Increase in lead generation through digital plaforms

Insight & Idea

Pretzel's idea is that innovation should be accessible, playful in process and fun in execution.

BB took that insight and created a playful and contemporary visual identity to make Pretzel stand apart from traditional consulting firms. By combining imagery rich, immersive content with streamlined functionality we strengthed Pretzel's unique positioning. 

A blend of contemporary art and digital user experience to drive


Execution & Impact


platforms designed for B2B communication

The main priority of the project to make innovation look easy. Simple to-the-point storytelling, easy to comprehend frameworks and simple design to convey the hands-on approach of the firm.


Positive feedbacks on design solutions from Fortune 500 companies within a month after launch

Work with 
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