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Mini VizID, website & merch

BB Role

As a strategic agency partner, we led the re-design of Snowfamily Verbier logo, and created a mini VizID, website, and merch materials.

A new mobile-first website

We strategically supported Snowfamily with SEO keyword planning, UX, and copywriting to ensure the clients receive the education and the information they require to complete the booking after the first visit.

The online traffic increased by a whopping 1180% and the conversion rate improved by a staggering 35% after the launch of the new website.

We care about performance.


website (SEO optimised)


more organic traffic on site


improvement of conversion rate

ski school uniform & merch design


We created a tailored 360° approach to organic traffic

From the first minute, it was clear that a small ski school like Snowfamily cannot rely on paid media to drive traffic to the website.

We created the website with the goal to increase organic traffic and ensure the viability of the business for the long term.

We took the SEO strategy cross-channel and took advantage of platforms like Trip Advisor, Google My Business to consistently drive relevant traffic back to the website.

This approach resulted in 1180% more organic traffic on the site during the peak winter period = 200$ paid ads daily spend.


Work with 
Brand Buildery

We creating unified brand experiences that change companies and foster meaningful relationships with users.

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