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Logo re-design & licencing suite


BB Role

The Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP, co-convened by UN Environment and the IRRI) pursues public policy development and voluntary market transformation initiatives to provide private, non-profit and public actors in the global rice sector with sustainable production standards and outreach mechanisms that contribute to increasing the global supply of affordable rice, improved livelihoods for rice producers and reduced environmental impact of rice production.


In collaboration with UN Environment, Brand Buildery developed SRP's new basic visual identity and guidelines.

Our work consisted of complete reinvention of primary logo along with development of full visual identity guidelines including font family creation and colour palette. Completed with a suite of secondary logos used for variety of trade licensing and business applications.

We sourced our inspiration from a early version of logo developed by one of the early members of Sustainable Rice Platform, putting the rice grain in the heart of our concept and giving it a new meaning – "Each and every rice seed counts".

We modernised the structure of the visual identity and developed a new the primary logo to serve better it's multidimensional purpose and allow easier adaptation.

We changed the font families, to improve the readability also on smaller sizes and various textures. The sustainability and circular use of resources was part of the brief, that why we have chosen an open source font family. Finally we enhanced the concept with a new colour palette, bringing brighter, happier colours to the table.

Going back to roots is a good source of inspiration.

Color Palette

Human mind constantly unconsciously is driving choices and making decisions. Brands standout and getting noticed is very dependant on the palette selection. Choosing a colour for your brand is not an easy task and it certainly makes a difference in every category.

When choosing the colour palette we considered the target group, cultural notions and shelf standout. 

We were looking for a colour that ignite warm and positive emotions. We have chosen orange due to it's positive, energising and playful nature. Along with orange we were looking for contrast colour that brings the nature at the heart of the concept, for this inspired by rice fields we have chosen green.

Green for sustainability and
orange for spirit. 

SRP_Box Packaging_On-Pack-Logo2.jpg
Work with 
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