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Elevate your brand from premium to luxury

Full brand repositioning for
real estate client

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BB Role

As the strategic partner to The Collection, BB has helped the brand to evolve its business from a small chalet company to a well-known real estate brand in Verbier, Switzerland.

Our work has spanned identity, digital, social media and offline communication, supporting the company as it expands its presence into new markets.

The Verbier Collection prides themselves in creating truly bespoke ski holiday experiences that their clients cherish forever.

BB team crafted the visual identity combining contemporary digital solutions with powerful opulent color palette and typography selection.


The combination celebrates the tension between technology and the luxurious lifestyle that The Verbier Collection inspires, created for the contemporary skier.

We don't position luxury brands, we build their identity.

Insight & Idea

We are not selling ski holidays. We are selling experience for a lifetime.

Execution & Impact

The new platforms increased online sales and generated new leads for The Collection. The stage was set to build a closer relationship with its client base and have a greater presence both in ski village & online.



websites built, one for luxury and one for middle-range property category.


digital communication strategy to build leads and drive sales.

Work with 
Brand Buildery

We architect, design and deliver communication platforms, products and  services that improve companies lives.

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